Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan continue their cooperation

Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan share a number of common values which can be noticed based on their cooperation. Ever since the launch of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in 1992, some of the main shared objectives were related to regional peace, security and prosperity based on a common cultural background. Indeed, since 2007 four visits between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan have taken place in both countries and the Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan was established.

Moreover, on the 8th of August 2017 a new meeting in Baku between the president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the president of Azerbaidjan, Ilham Aliyev took place. Their main purpose was to deepen the cooperation and to agree on mutual interest for the benefit of both countries. Following the official visit already mentioned, the Heads of State sought to strengthen bilateral relations, given a possibility for joint development.

During the meeting, various topics were discussed in order to emphasize the level of cooperation between the two countries.  The common interest to strengthen the regional and international security was among one of these topics. From this point of view, the meeting represented negotiations between the two countries at the highest level. This was all done in the light of a dynamic evolution of state relations at various levels: political, economic, cultural and humanitarian. The relations between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan are developing based on principles of mutual respect, equality and mutually effective cooperation according to the statements of President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The increasing level of mutual cooperation between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan has been also determined by the fact that the two countries represent important actors in the development of current political situations in the Caspian region.

Against this background, both countries agreed that the Caspian Sea must be both a source of long-term stability and an important reason for international partnership – a great deal of peace and effective cooperation.

The principle of cooperation in the Caspian Sea area is also due to the interest of the two states to use alternative routes to transport energy resources to the European region, given that Turkmenistan is one of the main actors both in the Caspian Sea and the energy market of Central Asia.

Moreover, the heads of state have pointed out that the two countries need to expand their partnership within the UN., OSCE, the Islamic Cooperation Organization, the CIS in order to maintain their activity at international level by providing the required assistance.

In this context, the president of Turkmenistan explained that he appreciated the support of Azerbaijan related to the co-authorization of the resolutions adopted during the UN General Assembly in accordance with the initiatives proposed by Turkmenistan. These resolutions focus on permanent neutrality, the establishment of a new mechanism in the field of energy security and the extension of cooperation on sustainable transport.


Published by Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Turkmenistan

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Turkmenistan (CCIRom-Tkm) is a non-governmental organization of public utility, autonomous and apolitical, founded in 2009 to promote the economic cooperation between Romania, Turkmenistan and other countries in the Central Asian region.

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