Central Asia

Online platform designed for wholesale trade in the Central Asian region

The entrepreneurs from the CIS countries will have a new distribution centre for Central Asian goods in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with two more others to be located in Astana and Atyrau.

The opening of the centres is part of a larger project for the development of a commodity distribution system in the Central Asian region, launched by Kazakhstan’s National Association of Commercial Enterprises with partners from Kyrgyzstan. The project implies that all procedures, from order to payment, are executed online, which will facilitate commercial transactions.

The Almaty distribution centre was inaugurated on 18 August 2017, being built on an area of ​​11 hectares with 30,000 square meters of commercial space, which will be followed by the opening of Astana and Atyrau distribution centres.

The Central Asia’s commodity distribution system will lower the prices, combat the underground economy and help businesses better plan their business, according to the statement of the Kyrgyz Association of Markets, Trade and Services, Serghei Ponomaryov. He added that the system will focus on e-commerce and provide examples of distribution centres that have earned $ 150 billion a year.

Until now, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and China projects have shown interest for this project, as well as European countries such as Serbia, Turkey and Germany.

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