South Korea’s outlook in Central Asia

Paula Pop The Korean presence in the Central Asian region started in the nineteenth ┬ácentury when as a consequence of poor harvest and famine on the Korean peninsula, thousands of Koreans fled to work and earn a better living to Russia. Later, during the Soviet time, this minority ended up being deported by Stalin toContinue reading “South Korea’s outlook in Central Asia”

A framework for Black Sea Collaboration: BSEC

Alexandra Colcer Since ancient times, the Black Sea has been considered a geopolitical hotspot due to its strategic position connecting Europe and Asia. Moreover, the basin is also linked to the Azov Sea through the Kerch Strait, the Marmara Sea through the Bosphorus and the Aegean Sea and therefore the Mediterranean Sea through the DardanellesContinue reading “A framework for Black Sea Collaboration: BSEC”