Detailed insight

  • Business Analysis and Advisory Services
  • Travel Advisory Services


 Our Business Analysis and Advisory Services include:

  • Commercial Documentation for potential investments in Romania and Abroad
  • Climate Investment and Business Environment Analysis on three levels- strategic, tactical and operational
  • Multifactorial Risk Analysis – on the political, economic and security level for specific countries / regions targeted by the client
  • Informative Briefings and Studies on economic, political, security, infrastructure or energy issues
  • Reputational Risk Management
  • Due Dilligence and Investigations to identify and address possible obstacles or risks that may emerge on the path to a new partnership or investment
  • Competitiveness Growth through Special Strategies which Maximize Values Elements and Minimize the Vulnerabilities and risk generating elements of the company
  • Business Development Consultancy

CCIRom-Tkm’s Center for Competitive and Strategic Analysis facilitates, through its services, economic development, commercial and industrial cooperation between its partners, as well as identifying new investment opportunities, both at national and international level.

Due to the fact that our analysts know the nuances and specific differences between the public and private sector, we offer individualized products, specially tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Moreover, we use specific instruments and advanced intelligence analysis methods to identify and address potential vulnerabilities that exist in client strategies or operations, in order to provide them with the necessary know-how for operational processes that lead to the successful achievement of business goals.

Our specialists elaborate complex studies and analysis on the investment climate of a state to support the decision-making process of expanding activities in other countries.

They identify the best business approaches and other related opportunities, along with the most effective political, economic or security evaluations, risk assessments and mitigation strategies for the target activity sector.

Today, knowledge is conditioned by a systematic set of individual or organizational processes that follow a loop on planning, collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of information. The main challenge resides in the ability to select relevant data and information for our clients, from a variety of OSINT or HUMINT available sources.

For this reason, our organization pays special attention to the selection and verification procedures of any source to ensure the high quality and accuracy of the products we offer.

Furthermore, our analytical products are based exclusively on evidences that we assess according to a special set of criteria designed to determine the trustworthiness of the sources and facts in order to eliminate potential biases.

Simultaneously, we aim to counter the elements of hybrid warfare such as fake news, speculations or propaganda that could alter the perception on the actual situation from a country.

In addition, we can strengthen the reality according to which, along with the progress of technological means and the rise of interconnectivity, the key factor for a successful long-term development for both public and private actors is the fast adaptation to successive social changes.

An organization will remain competitive, regardless of environment changes, by choosing and building the right strategy for a strong reputation in its sphere of activity.

Knowing all these elements, we meet the needs of our clients with customized service packs that include consultancy, analysis, predictions and foresight estimates specifically designed to ensure the development and growth of the organization’s competitiveness.

At the same time, we provide reputational management advisory, along with tailored recommendations and strategies to increase the social trust of the client activity.

The methods that we use to provide knowledge include innovative tools that can support the decision-making process and minimize risks to facilitate a safe access on a new market.

CCIRom-Tkm’s team from the Center for Competitive and Strategic Analysis includes experienced professionals with business and academic backgrounds, alongside former members of law enforcement agencies who have worked in research and intelligence analysis structures, which now, strive together to complete the tasks and to provide quality services adjusted to our client needs.


Travel Advisory Services include:

  • Journey and Specific Event Risk Profiling and Mitigation Solutions
  • Real-Time Alerts for any Possible Threat
  • Travel Planning, Advisory and Asset Protection for delegations inside or outside national territory
  • Protective Security Surveys and Low-Profile Operations on locations, infrastructure and strategic assets
  • Close Protection Services
  • Cultural Awareness and Protocol Training for specific travel locations and purposes.

Travel security experts of CCIRom-Tkm can assist our clients in every stage of their personal or business trip that will take place in the short, medium or long term.

Reports of this service aim to help the client understand the threats, cultural sensitivities, vaccinations and any other necessary precautions for a safe and successful trip.

We monitor global events 24/7 to identify various threats such as political and social instability, economic or financial fluctuations, terrorism, environmental, security issues or other relevant challenges and then we communicate them in specific reports with an individualized and comprehensive format, in order to provide intelligence support and appropriate response to any potential challenges that the client may encounter during the trips.

Our specialists provide detailed reports on political, security and business environment issues designed to fit each client needs.

We customize each analytic product to address the real-time risk level for specific events or operations, locations and countries.

Moreover, clients can receive

  • Real-time alerts directly on their phone or e-mail,
  • Reviews of global incidents before and during a trip/event connected to the destination where our clients and personnel are located,
  • Client-tailored weekly risk updates,
  • Detailed insights on set issues on demand.
  • Predictive and anticipative reports
  • Fast response solutions to potential local challenges
  • Recommendations for countering sensitive time and space threats.

Our pre-travel appraisals uses local collaborators to provide the best recommendations to mitigate the risks for the beneficiaries by providing route and accommodation indications, detailed travel options and in-country insights that prepare beneficiaries with a comprehensive awareness for any possible challenge.

Business travel packages include travel planning, escort of delegations in different regions of the globe and ensure a safe return to starting point.

From the pre-planning assessment phase, to planning and execution, our experts will provide  decisions support in any region of the world.

Depending on the client needs, our team can provide educational sessions to familiarize beneficiary’s staff with local habits and protocol.

Moreover if risk assessment indicates the need for Close Protection services, surveillance or counter-surveillance methods, CCIRom-Tkm can provide them.

The operative travel team includes former members of anti-terrorist units or special military forces from Romania,  United Kingdom, France, Poland, Ukraine, China and South Africa, who work together to successfully complete their missions.

Operations officers regularly participate in tactical training alongside with elite units at the European Security Academy in Poland and are accredited as Close Protection Officers with the Security Industry Authority in the United Kingdom.

Also, our experts are graduates of elite military and civilian universities and specialized in intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis.

As such, they use all available resources to complete their objectives and to achieve the necessary knowledge to support our clients.

CCIRom-Tkm’s specialists can assist private or public organizations to develop a set of rules, active measures and planing procedures designed to protect tangible or intangible assets and to ensure a fast response in case of crisis.

Furthermore, we can intermediate various specialization courses for personnel from public and private institutions and SIA accreditations.

Additionally, together with our partners, we can facilitate staff training for beneficiaries and help them to achieve the wanted level of understanding and to develop the necessary sets of skills that will secure their international business operations.

Understanding and preparing for the new challenges derives from the latest tendencies in the information age and is imperative for any long-term successful business.