Business Analysis and Advisory Services


 Our Business Analysis and Advisory Services include:

  • Commercial Documentation for potential investments in Romania and Abroad
  • Climate Investment and Business Environment Analysis on three levels- strategic, tactical and operational
  • Multifactorial Risk Analysis – on the political, economic and security level for specific countries / regions targeted by the client
  • Informative Briefings and Studies on economic, political, security, infrastructure or energy issues
  • Reputational Risk Management
  • Due Dilligence and Investigations to identify and address possible obstacles or risks that may emerge on the path to a new partnership or investment
  • Competitiveness Growth through Special Strategies which Maximize Values Elements and Minimize the Vulnerabilities and risk generating elements of the company
  • Business Development Consultancy

CCIRom-Tkm’s Center for Competitive and Strategic Analysis facilitates, through its services, economic development, commercial and industrial cooperation between its partners, as well as identifying new investment opportunities, both at national and international level.

Our specialists elaborate complex studies and analysis on the investment climate of a state to support the decision-making process of expanding activities in other countries.

They identify the best business approaches and other related opportunities, along with the most effective political, economic or security evaluations, risk assessments and mitigation strategies for the target activity sector.

At the same time, we provide reputational management advisory, along with tailored recommendations and strategies to increase the social trust of the client activity.


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