Unmanned Aerial Systems

Our partner is a dominant player on the Romanian Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) market, specialized in the design, development, and production of autonomous systems, which perform reliably and cost-effectively in all kinds of missions, in severe weather and with minimal terrain limitations.

The company delivers complex solutions for military and civilian applications. Moreover, in 2017 it received NATO recognition for the best STANAG 4609 implementation.

The products include the UAS Hirrus family (Hirrus L, Hirrus XL), UAS Signus family (Signus 150, Signus 35V) and target UAS Quarrus family (Quarrus 1, Quarrus 2, Quarrus 3, Quarrus 4).

The Hirrus system has been tested and homologated with Romanian MoND and demonstrated its capabilities during its successful participation in the NATO Unified Vision 2014 and Unified Vision 2016 interoperability exercises, organized in Norway.

All, Hirrus and Signus family-products use the same command control application, ground control terminal, autopilot, etc. which provide 100% interoperability between these systems, also with other NATO countries that require intel standardized data, provided by UAS.

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